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24/7/365 Emergency Service!

24/7/365 Emergency Service!

24/7/365 Emergency Service!


Islip HVAC Permit Applications

Don’t Play Games with the town – it will haunt you down the road!

Town of Babylon

Here you can find permit applications.

HVAC Refrigerant Usage Certification EPA 608 Universal License

Any person who performs maintenance, service, repair or refrigerant disposal that could be reasonably expected to release refrigerants into the atmosphere needs certification.

License Number Type Universal 90974080.

Reduced Pressure Zone Suffolk County Certified

New York State Sanitary Code 5-1.31 requires the complete containment of water on many commercial customer’s property by use of an approved back flow prevention device i.e. RPZ, DCV or air gap. Under state regulations governing the requirements for back flow prevention devices, the Suffolk County Department of Health requires controls be in place for hazardous operations under private control in order to safeguard the water supply!

Suffolk County Consumer Affairs

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Certified Member of InspectMyHVAC.com

Built right here on Long Island, InspectMyHVAC is a licensed, professional HVAC company specializing in heating, air conditioning & plumbing pre-purchase inspections. 

InspectMyHVAC performs real-time efficiency testing on each piece of equipment. Every component on both the heating and cooling system are thoroughly inspected and tested by a certified HVAC technician.

A detailed report is created by InspectMyHVAC with any corrective measures needed and budgetary estimates on repairs or replacements. This report is a valuable instrument in making a knowledgeable decision about your home purchase.

Guaranteed to pay for itself! Inspect The Uninspected!

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