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24/7/365 Emergency Service!

24/7/365 Emergency Service!

24/7/365 Emergency Service!

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Heating, Hot Water & Air Conditioning (HVAC) Service Agreement. Discounts for Seniors, Military and Public Servants

Emergency Service/Repair & Installation

1 Plan, 1 Fee Covers All Heating & Air Conditioning Systems

Service Agreements are supposed to provide protection and peace of mind. But how can they, when the companies involved don’t play fair?

Case in point: Home warranty companies supposedly offer attractive low monthly fees. But when something goes wrong, the math never adds up. You’re suddenly hit with high deductibles, “fine-print fees” and expensive up sells, all of which are designed to benefit the company more than the customer. Doesn’t sound like much of an “Agreement” at all.

Honesty is what my company is built on. And I would never offer a Service Agreement that bears my name using those same “fine print” fees and tactics that other warranty companies hide. There are no “fine print” traps with Joe Ferme. It’s my name, so it’s my word!

Our “Old School Service Agreement” is based on a simple flat rate of $135 per hour. Period.

NO games. NO traps. NO fine print. You could save $50 to $235 per call!

Our $135.00 service call includes:

  • Travel time
  • Troubleshooting
  • Calibrating
  • Repairing System — for the first hour, labor only*
  • Materials up to $300*

*If repairs require additional time or materials, they will be proposed with applied discounts for approval.

The materials we cover alone pays for service agreement — and your peace of mind!


(NO $135 CHARGE)

For customers without our Service Agreement…

  • $185 first hour of diagnostics during an emergency service call
  • Evening and weekends: $227.50
  • Holidays: $370.00

For repairs that require additional labor or materials, estimates will be provided for approval before any work is performed.

“Old School Service Agreement”

Our “Old School Service Agreement” Delivers Many “NO FINE PRINT” Benefits:

  • Unparalleled treatment based on honesty and integrity —you and your home enjoy top priority service.
  • All our man power is concentrated within a 5 mile radius.
  • Peace of mind appointment confirmation — we respect your time!
  • Year-round 24/7/365 drama-free service
  • Spring HVAC air conditioning inspection ($135 value)
  • Fall heating furnace/boiler heating inspection ($135 value)
  • NO labor rate games. NO overtime. NO travel time. NO weekend or holiday premium fees. NO SURPRISES!
  • No home warranty insurance deductibles or “all inclusive” bait and switch contracts
  • Labor and materials discounted
  • $250 instant rebate on all new HVAC systems
  • All new equipment that we install includes a 2-Year Service Agreement.
  • All services we perform exceed industry standards and comply to local codes.
  • All credit cards are accepted without surcharges, and instant financing is available.
  • We are Employee Owned and Operated. Licensed and Insured.
Included Protection

Here’s What’s Included in Your “No Fine Print” Heating, Hot Water & Air Conditioning (HVAC) Service Agreement.
Joseph Ferme thoroughly Inspects and calibrates equipment during tune-ups for maximum energy efficiency twice a year.

Spring HVAC Air Conditioning Safety & Opportunity Inspection

  1. Test for correct airflow through units and home
  2. Inspect electrical connections
  3. Inspect quality of installation
  4. Inspect areas where equipment is located
  5. Inspect equipment condition
  6. Inspect condenser and evaporator coils on air conditioning units
  7. Inspect blower components
  8. Evaluate system starting capabilities
  9. Test safety controls
  10. Evaluate temperature differentiation
  11. Test refrigerant pressure
  12. Examine condensate drains and drip pan
  13. Evaluate heat pump heating mode and defrost cycle
  14. Examine heat exchanger, ignition and burner assemblies
  15. Test venting and clearances
  16. Test Thermostat Differential

Fall Heating Furnace/Boiler Safety & Opportunity Inspection

  1. Test system for carbon monoxide
  2. Test for gas leaks
  3. Test ignition system for safe and proper operation
  4. Test safety and control circuits
  5. Inspect duct system airflow and all piping
  6. Inspect for combustible material around furnace
  7. Visually inspect heat exchanger for separations
  8. Tighten and inspect all electrical wiring
  9. Test exhaust system for proper venting
  10. Measure amperage and voltage of motors
  11. Measure and adjust gas pressure for peak efficiency
  12. Clean and lubricate blower assembly
  13. Measure Supply/Return temperature differential
  14. Calibrate and level thermostat

Secure Your “No Fine Print” Service Agreement Today! 


What is covered?
ALL your Heating, Hot Water and Air Conditioning Systems.

What value does $300 in Service Agreement fees deliver?

  • Spring HVAC Air Conditioning Safety & Opportunity Inspection ($135 Value)
  • Fall Heating Furnace/Boiler Safety & Opportunity Inspection ($135 Value)
  • Up to $300 in materials annually – this alone pays for your entire service contract cost!
  • $250 Instant Rebate on installations
  • Locked-in Hourly Rate of $135 — NO Overtime Fees, Holiday Rates or Upcharges
  • Same-Day Service Guarantee

When can I make a service call?
Instantly! We will arrive within 24 hours — guaranteed! — or you do not pay the $135 Service Call Fee.

How long is the Service Agreement?
Our Basic Agreement is $25 monthly, $300 per year, and renews annually until cancelled. Canceling is as simple as placing a call into the office.

For quick emergency service, fill out the form below and we will call you back instantly.